Tantric Circle

Tantric Circle is our first project of its type.

This is the project I’ve wanted to do for years. I came up with the concept while daydreaming and listening on a summer day. The sounds outside my studio, my fountain and the birds, were leading me away from my work and into a meditative space. It was as if they had been crying to me and I was trying to tune it out.

I put it together because it was exactly what I was craving; an inward journey or meditation to lead me from the intensity of day to day life and business to that quiet place within. This place of quiet awareness can’t be shared, it is personal for everyone. Nothing on the physical plane can take you to this place, and our thoughts and experiences generally lead in the opposite direction. The best music can, however, take you to the edge of sensory experience, where, if you are inclined, you can make the leap of faith into the quiet. I had not meant to release it as a published recording but rather a gift for myself to encourage the inner silence I value beyond anything else.

After years of producing Brent Lewis’ excellent percussion projects, I wanted to do a percussion oriented project of my own, but with a more introverted, ambient slant. Once I got started, several great local musicians got an understanding of where it was going and joined me by adding their unique elements to the journey. I added natural sounds from some of my favorite areas around the country. Certain nature sounds ground me and comfort me in a mystical way. I did this primarily to make the music more useful to myself in my inner travels, but strangely enough, others that heard it seemed to feel very much the same.

I generally don’t listen very much to my own music after it’s finished. Tantric Circle, however continues to be my favorite CD.

It is not a party CD by any means, here is the statement from the tray card: “This recording has tremendous dynamic range. It whispers and it roars. It was meant to be experienced in a quiet environment or with headphones. Put aside worldly thoughts and commitments and take the journey, I’ll see you there”.

SLF (Cyrel’)

** Shaman Richard Lee passed away the week of 12/14/01. Richard led the shamanic drumming on Astral Rain (cut #2). He brought good to everyone he knew. He remains within the circle of our hearts. This work is dedicated to him.

Tantric Circle


Mojave Rhythm Circle: Tantric Circle
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