JT Shakers

The JT Shakers formed during the aftershocks of the 1992 Landers earthquake (7.6) in California. The group is loosely woven around Joshua Tree singer/songwriter Eric Neil and features singer/guitarist Bob Garcia and percussionist Sam Sloneker.

Sidemen (sidepersons?) in the group include family members, several other desert musicians and personnel from various USA and British and European bands; basically whatever members of the greater musical family happen to be in the JT area when the sessions go down.

The material on Geniuses & Fools addresses several categories such as media and politics, the environment, family, and life-death-transformation. If some of these titles sound familiar to you, it’ because half of them have had considerable regional airplay in college and community venues with very good response.

We hope that you are entertained and uplifted by this down home and philosophical package of music. We feel that it is relevant for the times and most of all enjoyable. We hope you agree.

Geniuses & Fools



Pledge Poster

The Pledge of Allegiance that was used on the tray card of this CD is NOW available as a full color poster. Offered to our customers by popular demand. Contact us if you’d like to purchase this poster.

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