Abandon Ship

abandon ship

Born into a musical family, the five Lester brothers grew up playing instruments and singing harmony with their parents, Steve and Darlene. They often performed as a family at community functions, and, over a 13 year period, they recorded a total of eight CDs. The first four CDs consisted of fun, original songs about family life, and the last four were educational in nature, teaching families to sing in harmony.

Now adults, three of the Lester brothers have joined forces! Nathen, Damian and Gabriel Lester formed the band “Abandon Ship” in the summer of 2001 with the vision of creating and performing uplifting rock and roll. Their goal is to “make the world a better place” by promoting love and awareness with their music. They have a decidedly high-energy style, delivered with sensitivity and excellent musicianship. All ages will find their music appealing, as their striking 3-part harmonies and memorable melodies are so listenable!

It may make you dance, make you think, or even make you “swoon” (according to a female teenager friend). But, be ready to be surprised. You may even find yourself abandoning ship with the Lester boys! Come for the ride of your life with a new kind of rock and roll at its best!

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Abandon Ship


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