Shawn Mafia

Singer/Songwriter Shawn Mafia, and his own patented brand of "Rock Noir", has largely remained a musical enigma; a dust covered detour sign located a few miles down the dirt, where the asphalt of the music industry stops and the ever present Dead End sign clearly announces its commercial intentions and the current band of 21st Century artists stick their thumbs out desperate for a ride. But the train left the depot years and years ago, and not even the Devil is driving down to the crossroads to make a deal. In a music industry nullified and negated with safe, sculpted and shallow artists propped up in the sole pursuit of turning a quick buck we are left without any real heroes or anti-heroes for that matter. On the opposite end of the spectrum are innumerable bands, songwriters and performers preaching to the choir. Mixing, matching and amalgamating the best of older genres that in their infancy were vibrant, cutting edge and dangerous, but now days have been relegated to nothing more than nostalgia. Thus, we are set a drift in a musical wasteland with everyone attempting to re-invent retro styles, unable to move forward with anything truly original. Perhaps the most we can hope for is an original voice. Shawn Mafia has the potential to be that voice.

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Death! In ‘D’ Major


Shawn Mafia & The Ten Cent Thrills: Death In
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