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You have, without knowing it, been listening to Jeff Lantz’s music for some time. Jeff has provided studio keyboards for many records, most recently for Brian Wilson’s new record ‘Pier Pressure’, and for the band ‘Survivor’. He has also played on stage with Nat Adderley, Al DiMeola, Steven Stills, Greg Allman, The Glenn Miller Band, Gumbi Ortiz, and many others.

Jeff’s ‘BEYOND FOREVER’ is a beautifully woven canvas—powerful melodies, expansive bass lines, intriguing rhythms, and balanced and colorful arrangements that overflow with riches. A musical experience not to be missed!

Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of ‘Love, Medicine & Miracles’, wrote about the recording: “Beautiful sounds that I could listen to indefinitely. They bring a sense of peace and wholeness.”

Weaving spirited soundscapes that come from the heart, pianist and composer Jeff Lantz continues to gain accolades as a prolific and inventive contemporary jazz fusion artist. His keyboard artistry imparts a sense of peace, joy and relaxation, but is also cutting edge, primal and uptempo. As well as being an accomplished composer, he is an avid backpacker, and finds an endless source for his creativity in the wonders of nature. From this he brings to his audiences an evocative and elevated musical experience.

Jeff won the First Place Medallion at the International Radio Festival of New York and has also received several Addy awards. His compositions are spiced with the influence of Chopin, John Lennon, Todd Rundgren and Sting, all of whom he calls passionate romantics. In an interview Jeff said, “People are becoming desensitized because they’re sensually battered by all the violence and negativity in the world. I want to help them feel again…to find a deeper sense of meaning. My goal is to transport listeners on a healing musical journey that will help them experience their aliveness, and fan their emotions with a beautiful roller coaster ride.”

Music is Jeff Lantz’s heart and soul. His music will permeate your mind.

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Jeff Lantz: Beyond Forever

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